Hi! I am Madhav Kumar.

About me

I am a second-year Maths and Computer Science student at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

I haven't completely figured out what I'd like to do in the future (and I suspect that this will be the case for a long time). I am currently the President of the UQ Computing Society, a role in which I am having a lot of fun by trying out new initiatives and ideas, and seeing how they work out. I am also currently interning at the GVC Group, doing some cool data-analytics-y work, and more uniquely, sports simulations.

Outside of Maths and Computer Science, I am interested in learning languages, bits of economics, pedagogy, public transport, and politics (Australia & India). I also probably do an unhealthy amount of debating/watching debating, playing sudoku, chess, and card/board games (honourable mentions to Catan and Resistance).

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